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  SG410 wall polishing machine is used for the mortar surface layer on the wall after the water collecting process to achieve compaction, mention pulp, leveling and light receiving. Wall polishing machine has high efficiency and operability. After polishing process, the texture of mortar surface becomes uniform, smooth and flat. Comparing with the traditional method of wiping and purifying by hand, this wall polishing machine improves the working efficiency by 5 to 10 times. 
  SG410-A uses low voltage power supply-24v, making itself safe and reliable. 
  SG410-B uses electrodeless planetary speed motor, so that wiper speed can be arbitrarily selected.

Technical parameters
Model SG410-A SG410-B
Supply power 24V 220V
Motor power 80w 1500kw
Working speed 65rpm 0-60rpm
No-load speed 105rpm 0-110rpm
Disc diameter Ø410mm Ø410mm
Disc weight 900g 900g
Net weight 2300g 3700g

Standard configuration
1.5×2 Cable (Installed) Ø410GFR•Nylon Disc (Installed)
VED Controller (for SG410-A)

Note: as the product is updated, the technical parameters are not otherwise communicated.

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