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  BS40-13-45 not only has the characteristics of similar high-rise mortar pump, but also has functions of for the mortar spraying operation directly, large displacement, highly efficiency. It’s suitable for high-rise building large area wall mortar spraying operations, and both for wet & dry-mixed mortar. More importantly, the machine has the ability to work for more than 100 meters’ height of high-rise building mortar spraying, conveying joint operation capacity, set transport, spraying functions as one.
  High efficiency pump conveying system, hydraulic double cylinder piston type, electro-hydraulic joint control, the use of S pipe valve distribution form, glasses and floating cutting ring using cemented carbide, high wear resistance- are characteristics of it. The work flow is much more stable. The use of automatic centralized lubrication system, mortar piston cylinder longer life, and further optimize the pump runner to reduce the pump conveying resistance. Advanced hydraulic system gears automatic adjustment, the actual situation of intelligent matching. High reliability components: using variable pump as the main pump. Precision control system uses intelligent controller, running fast and reliable. Phase sequence is automatically detected, so starting process is more reliable. Remote wireless control makes the operation more convenient.

Technical parameters
Model BS40-13-45
Delivery pressure 6/13Mpa
Output 0/40m3/h
Motor power 45kw
Vertical conveying distance 160m
Maximum aggregate diameter 8mm
Allow mortar consistency 80~120mm
Allow water-retention rate 92%
Hopper volume × feeding height 0.4m3×1230mm
Dimension (L × W × H) 3910×1660×1520mm
Net weight 2680kg

Standard configuration
Reducer pipe 125A-80A×1M       80A-50A×1M
Conveying steel pipe 50A×1M×2       50A×2M×2       50A×3M×32
Elbow R500 R500 50A×900×3    R275 50A×450×2
Mortar hose Φ38mm
Air compressor 380V 3P 400L/min 4KW
Remote control
125A×10   100A×10   80A×100
Pipe strap   Rubber flange gasket 80A×46   125A×2
Aluminum Alloy Spraying Gun

Note: as the product is updated, the technical parameters are not otherwise communicated.

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